Are you looking for teambuilding or a company event? Improv theatre, and specifically musical improv theatre, is exactly what you’re looking for!

Many people love to sing. Whether be it in the shower, at karaoke, in the car, with a choir or on stage. Obviously, because it gives them so much energy and puts them in a great mood! But it’s also vulnerable to sing with others. And that’s where improv comes in.

Marco Meurs provides teambuilding events where you get to sing together as a team. You’ll be making songs up on the spot. Group songs, duets, solo’s, it’s all there. There’s nothing as bonding as spontaneously singing a song together that seems to appear magically while you’re singing it.

It seems like a big challenge, but it’s actually quite easy! In a two or three hour workshop or a whole day event we work on skills like:
– how to sing together
– keeping things simple
– rhyme and how to use rhyme in song
– harmony
– singing great when you don’t feel strong in key or rhythm
– confidence and presentation
– song structures that save you most of the work
– characters that fit your voice

With all of that we’ll laugh a lot!

We’ll work with a live musician who will give you great support. You’ll find out that having a great voice is not important at all. This workshop works for everyone with every singing level.

Would you like a show to be part of your event? We can perform an improvised musical, based on your company or team.

We can also provide non singing improv workshops, improving your team in teamwork, listening, public speaking, communication, support and using failing and vulnerability as a means to grow.

Contact us for bookings and if you have any questions.